crc setup fails during install of OpenShift Local on Windows

Have installed crc locally on Windows by running "C:\Users\myusername\Downloads\crc-windows-installer\crc-windows-amd64.msi" .

crc version returns

CRC version: 2.14.0+868d96cd
OpenShift version: 4.12.1
Podman version: 4.3.1

when I run crc setup, I get 

INFO Using bundle path C:\Users\6J1943897\.crc\cache\crc_hyperv_4.12.1_amd64.crcbundle
INFO Checking if current user is in crc-users and Hyper-V admins group
INFO Adding logon user to crc-users and Hyper-V admins group
INFO Will run as admin: adding current user to crc-users and Hyper-V admins group
Please reboot your system and run 'crc setup' to complete the setup process

I reboot.

I then run crc setup and get the same response. Crc setup does not create C:\Users\myusername\.crc\cache\crc_hyperv_4.12.1_amd64.crcbundle

crc start responds

file 'C:\Users\myusername\.crc\cache\crc_hyperv_4.12.1_amd64.crcbundle' does not exist

The desktop in the tooltray is loaded but will not start either.

What have I missed?

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