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openshift for University

We use plain Kubernetes for our cloud infrastructure students. We use OKD for our SW developping students. But for our advanced DevOps students (or advanced student projects such as the Bachnelor thesis) we can't get licenses for OpenShift. That can't be too hard for a company such as IBM/Redhat to provide student licenses for SW. Microsoft does it, VMware does it.

Red Hat says: "use our upstream OKD", so we run OKD in our Student Lab (our sudents maintain their own datacenter). The update process of OKD requests every time a bit of luck and fails many times due to the students missing practical experience). OpenShift upgrade never fails. OKD and OpenShift have always different look and feel and different features too.

We educate hundreds of Computer Science Students every year. The DO180 is part of our curriculum and must be sucessfully passed by the student. But in the end they're not able to use the SW for a ambitious Bachelor or Master Thesis. This is spoecially annoying when the student work with other Departements/Diciplines in complex project with industry partners.

The students should get their hands to a SW during education to be prepared for using the same SW working after graduation for the industry. That Is one important goal for the educational mission.


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