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s2i build error

im running openshift local on wmware, when run this command

s2i build test/test-app/ s2i-do288-httpd s2i-sample-app \

--as-dockerfile ~/s2i-sample-app/Containerfile


WARNING: could not inspect the builder image for labels: reading manifest latest in requested access to the resource is denied

My ~/s2i-sample-app/Containerfile file is created with wrong FROM:


when it should be:

FROM s2i-do288-httpd

all of this results in an error when I run

podman build........because it can't find the right image


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Hi @Markus77 ,

Thanks for reaching out !

The error seems to be of access related to docker hub. Please check if you have access to that.  Yes you are right about the wrong FROM instruction,If you don't have the image locally and want to pull it from a specific registry, you need to provide the full registry URL in the FROM  instruction.  Also check if the image is actually available in the registry from where you are trying to pull. What about your builder image ? If you used a builder image with an app source code to build app container - the required ContainerFile should be generated correctly. Please check all these. 

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