NEW COURSE: Scaling Kubernetes Deployments in the Enterprise - OpenShift Admin III : (DO380v4.4)

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Red Hat Training’s latest release in the OpenShift 4.x series supports organizations engaged in the Prepare through Optimize stages of their Container Adoption Journey. Red Hat OpenShift Administration III: Scaling Kubernetes Deployments in the Enterprise (DO380). This advanced level course teaches topics critical to the successful adoption of Kubernetes for Enterprise customers. Students learn to manage and automate workflows with GitOps + Jenkins & OpenShift API’s, install & manage operators, and secure deployments with SSL & Enterprise Authentication services such as Red Hat IDM.  

OpenShift bridges platform, application, and developer services on top of Kubernetes and Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS, adding extensibility features such as logging, monitoring, and security. Customers moving from other Kubernetes deployment will quickly appreciate the enhanced capabilities engineered into Red Hat’s platform.  This course builds upon OpenShift Administration II (DO280), currently the fourth most consumed course in the Red Hat Learning Subscription.  

Training Personas


Training Personas



Charlie Root


Charlie Root is a seasoned system administrator who is experienced working with OpenShift for container deployment and orchestration  His company is ready to move beyond proof of concept and he now needs to know how to take the next step: deploying highly available containers securely and at scale.

Job Goal

To become a senior OpenShift Container Platform administrator supporting a multi-tenant PaaS platform

Education Goal

Charlie Root will deploy Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with Enterprise Authentication, Secured with SSL, make use of Operators, GitOps, & Storage, and learn valuable troubleshooting skills.



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