New Release - Preliminary Exam in Red Hat System Administration

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I am pleased to announce that the new Preliminary Exam in Red Hat System Administration I (PE124) is now available for delivery.  This exam is the second in our line of take-at-home exams that allow candidates to take the exam at both a time and a location that is convenient for them.  All that is required is a suitable device and reliable broadband Internet access.

The key feature of Preliminary Exams that enables them to be delivered anywhere is that the exam infrastructure is completely hosted in the cloud.  The Preliminary Exam in Red Hat System Administration I is hosted on the new Red Hat Training and Certification Cloud infrastructure that itself is built on Red Hat OpenStack Platform and IBM Cloud.

The exam covers basic, essential Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration skills including:

  •     Understanding essential command line concepts
  •     Using basic tools and commands
  •     Creating, deleting and managing files
  •     Managing file permissions
  •     Operating running systems
  •     Managing log files
  •     Working with file systems
  •     Starting and stopping services
  •     Configuring services to start automatically
  •     Installing and updating software packages
  •     Performing basic network management
  •     Managing users and groups

The exam is available for both Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Henry Maine, Manager, Red Hat Training & Certification

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