Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403)

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Red Hat Training announces the release of Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403),  updated to Red Hat Satellite 6.11.  Red Hat Satellite 6.11 updates support for integrating the latest Red Hat products.  

Students completing this course will develop skills needed to manage host systems and software at scale in enterprise and cloud environments.  These skills include managing software development lifecycles to control software versions, provisioning new systems and applications, and performing configuration management. This training helps enterprise and cloud operators work more efficiently in Satellite-managed environments, resulting in greater consistency, stability, and security at scale across public, private, and hybrid infrastructures.  Deployment engineers will gain skills in advanced toolset integration for both Ansible and Red Hat Satellite and in granular asset tracking and control. 

Training Personas



Charlie Root


Charlie Root is a Senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrator who is experienced working with the management of multiple servers and hybrid cloud enterprises. His company is a modern organization looking to migrate to large scale virtualized and container-native hybrid cloud environments that are more complex to manage and secure. Charlie needs to know how to automate deployment, configuration monitoring, building, and testing of managed hosts. 

Job Goal

To become a Senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrator 

Senior System Administrator

Education Goal

Charlie Root will be able to plan and implement hybrid cloud network environments, provision managed hosts and software, and manage custom application lifecycles across local and distributed enterprises. 

Skills Path