UPDATED COURSE: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294)

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Red Hat Training & Certification is pleased to announce the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294) for RHEL 9 and Ansible Automation Platform 2.2. This course is designed for Linux system administrators and developers planning to automate provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration. Students will gain the skills to automate your workflows, build the foundation for DevOps practices, and learn how to use  Ansible Automation Platform to increase development  efficiencies.

This course is the third in our RHCE track, focused on the automation of all RHCSA-level skills using Ansible. RHCSA-level Linux system administration tasks are taught using Ansible concepts and using examples that show how to use standard modules and playbook constructs. 

Training Personas



Dev Gop


Dev Gop is an experienced system administrator who is familiar with Linux basics. In order to scale their administration, Dev must begin the automation journey. Dev will need to learn how to automate the day-to-day Linux administration tasks.

Job Goal

To become proficient at automating configuration, provisioning, application deployments, and orchestration at scale.

Education Goal

Dev Gop will install Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, create and update inventories of managed hosts, automate administrative tasks with Ansible Playbooks at scale, and reuse code through roles and collections.


Skills Path


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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

please update exam objectives on the site that it includes ansible-automation-platform 2.2 with RHEL9

also confirm how can we use firewall module with ansible-core as it does not have this module, 

would be great if you can recommend me some good resources for installation of ansible-automation-platform as after enabling the repo I not able to find ansible engine but ansible-core only




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Flight Engineer

Page 182 review exercise solution has wrong solution. It is mentioning ansible.builtin.firewalld it should have been ansible.posix.firewalld. There is no ansible.builtin.firewalld module in latest ansible. ansible-doc firewalld throws no documentation. 





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Flight Engineer

@cyb3rx firewalld is part of ansible.posix collection in the latest ansible version and it is part of the ee image used for ansible-navigator command.

Below command would give list of all modules in ansible.posix collection as well as  ansible.posix.firewalld  documentation. 

ansible-navigator doc -l ansible.posix -m stdout

ansible-navigator doc ansible.posix.firwalld -m stdout


ansible-doc firewalld would no longer show firewalld documentation in the latest ansible-core version. All ansible-builtin modules are part of ansible-core so for ansible.builtin modules documentation you can directly do ansible-doc FQCN for ansible.builtin. Also ansible.builtin does not show in 'ansible-navigator doc' command as it is not part of image.