Red Hat  System Administration I: (RH124  v8.2),
Red Hat  System Administration II: (RH134 v8.2), 
Red Hat Certified System Administrator Rapid Track: (RH199 v8.2)

As containers become a ubiquitous and critical component of modern infrastructure, it is increasingly important for system administrators to learn the essential skills required to manage and run containers. Today we are pleased to announce the release of three updated courses: “Red Hat System Administration I” (RH124), “Red Hat System Administration II” (RH134), and “Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Rapid Track” (RH199). 

We have upgraded all three courses to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 and added approximately 200 minutes of entirely new content introducing containers for system administrators to RH134 and RH199. 

The new “Running Containers” chapter discusses foundational container concepts, including:

  • Running containers with Podman.
  • Selecting, inspecting, and pulling container images with Podman and Skopeo.
  • Attaching persistent storage from the host to the container.
  • Starting containers at boot as systemd services. 

Additionally, we have refreshed the following content:

  • Updated Cockpit (RH124 and RH199)
  • Updated installer and Red Hat Insights (RH134 and RH199)
  • Simplified Stratis content to focus on basic usage (RH134 and RH199)

We have also received valuable feedback from instructors and support teams. This release includes fixes to a total of 73 Jira tickets, including enhancements, instruction clarifications, and lab script stabilization.

Skills Path

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