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DO280 - Lab network-policy Behavior Detected with Image field in Yaml


As you know sometimes in previous labs you can find at the end when you evaluate your work automatically with "lab grade" that we should be precisse following the exercise indications because for exameple if the example say that you have to use an image like :


If you have in your container the same image but using the SHA... our automatic script detect it abnormally as an error... because of this i have a mind note to every time review the manifest next to deploy an app to review that is exact the image that the lab say.... 

In this lab if you use oc new-app as the lab say to deploy the application you will find that the image should be:


but is:


Why????? I have tried to use the command oc set image deployment/hello hello=registry.ocp4.example.com:8443/redhattraining/hello-world-nginx:v1.0

But the command that appear to finish well have not result and next to recreate the pod you will find one more time that is pointing to the same using the sha.

As a second option if you use the image to execute it without oc new-app the command oc create deployment you have some problems, first of all as you know other elements will not be created (services etc) but this is not a problem but some configuration will not be present too like the port etc...

Any explaination and any way to have explicitly the image that is indicated in the lab in the manifest of our deployment?


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

One hint: Image streams and Image stream tags. Read DO180 - Chapter 7 Manage Application Updates.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

In order to complain the requested in the exercise internally our container must have the reference to point to the registry image. Because of it is not possible to use an imagestream. Aditionally I have reviewed IS...
Please if anybody have info of this use case that I have shared, will be very usefull!

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