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DO280 - OCP 4.12 - compreview-apps doubt about how we should verify api is working


I want to share with you a doubt that i had when i have done this exercise.

I have followed the steps and created the Passthrough route that really works well but i have one doubt.
Next to this step in that request us to create the route:

Create a passthrough route with the beeper-api.apps.ocp4.example.com hostname.

We havent any other comment in the statement about how can we test it in the exercise like in other exercises that explains that you have to us an specific url to verify is working...

If you open the solution you can find an URL to test this api but not appears in the statement:


If we havent the complete url to test the api in the statement, what is the correct way to verify that really the api is working fine next to have configured tls certificate, etc etc etc ?

Thank you very much!!!!

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@Jcalvod I got that issue in both v 4.12 &v4.14 :


Yes, that seems an issue, because I will test the curl using the route hostname only and I will need the full URL if it wants me to test that one specifically. 

I will report this to get it included in the problem statement otherwise we need to see the solution to get the URL.

If you just test the route hostname and continue the lab - did you find any issue ?

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