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do280-4.12 / network-review lab / step 6 create route: port should be tls not 8080

From my understanding if the route is passthrough, it should deliver tls traffic to the service and it is up the the service to terminate TLS. Thefore used --port tls and not --port 8080 as in the solution:

oc create route passthrough product-route --service product --port tls --hostname

It is working:
student@workstation ~]$ curl --cacert network-review/certs/ca.pem

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From specifications of targetPort in route:


It can be either targetPort on pod, or name of port in endpoints. If you look at endpoints of product you can see that tls maps to port 8080, so its effectively the same:


Therefore in this case it doesnt really matter if you use tls name or 8080 as port number.

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