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AD364 Available as Early Access

Hi folks,

It is my pleasure to announce the Early Access availability of our new course, AD364 Developing Application Business Rules with Red Hat Decision Manager. The course focuses on the Red Hat Decision Manager 7.8 product, and explores how to build, deploy, execute, and integrate rule-based applications.

AD364 on ROLAD364 on ROLAs part of the Early Access experience, we decided to focus on what’s the most important in a course and deliver that fast--guided exercises! This Early Access course focuses on delivering guided exercises in a sequential order as soon as possible, skipping over lectures, quizzes, and other materials for now. Once we have all the exercises, we will finish the theoretical part as well.

This is, as always, a great opportunity to influence the design and development of the guided exercises within AD364. We are eager to hear your thoughts on each of the exercises. Fire up the class and contact us using the Feedback button with any thoughts you might have.Early Access Feedback ButtonEarly Access Feedback Button

AD364 is a redesign of the previous Process Automation Manager and Decision Manager courses (AD371/373). This course strives to build deep technical skills and expertise in rule writing. Stay tuned for more information about a new Red Hat Process Automation Manager training!

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