AD421 MySQL connection with camel-jpa


I'm studying the AD421 Camel Development course and for practice I'm trying to connect Camel to a MySQL server with camel-jpa in a new project (started the project from scratch). The Camel component reference is quite thin and I think I'm stuck with configuring the persistenceUnit (documentation says it is "required" and that's about it). I tried to copy some code from the "schedule-database" exercise, for example persistence.xml and configuration from camel context, but didn't succeed. It currently complains about "javax.persistence.PersistenceException: No persistence providers available for "mysql" after trying the following discovered implementations: NONE".

What steps are required to configure an empty project to use MySQL with camel-jpa? Which dependencies are required in pom.xml? What configuration is required? Do you have some starter template with the bare minimum configuration?

Thank you!

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