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Hey Developers! Help decide the future of Red Hat Training!

Calling all developers! We want to hear from you!

Please take this brief survey about which developer tools and platforms you would like to see Red Hat make training for. This survey should only take a few minutes and will help us prioritize the future of Red Hat's app dev training.


Link to survey


If you have other suggestions, leave them here in the comments and please reach out to me with any questions. 


Zach, App Dev Curriculum Architect

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I have some thoughts around learning subscriptions. It gives opportunity to take 5 fresh exams and 2 unique retakes.

This will leave me unutilized attempts of exam, but still unable to use them for the earlier exams where it was not successful.

Eg: An individual gave 1st Attempt of an Exam, after failing, he/she used 1st retake. Unfortunately it was not through. There is no re-attempt available, even when there attempt credits available. I have to purchase re-attempt!

I feel, it as not a fair play.


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