How to get Red Hat middleware, free of charge

Many organizaions and individual developers work with cummunity versions of Red Hat middleware products even when inted to deploy to a supported production environment because they do want to spend money in a subscription.

This creates a number of issues, because the community versions may have features that are immature, or just use different dependencies than the supported releases.. And it also puts the organization into non-compliance, because a subscription user is supposed to have entitlements for all its installations.

Unless you really wish to work with the communty releases, to help developing or testing a new feature, you can perform all your development work using buts identical to the supported products, for free. Just register on the Red Hat developer's we site and you are entitled to a development subsctiption that grants access to most (if not all) of Red Hat products. See:


So you can work with real product bits for JBoss EAP, Red Hat Fuse, Red Hat AMQ, JBoss Data Grid, Red Hat Decision Server, etc even if you do not work for an organization that provides you with subscriptions for these Red Hat products.

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