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JB348 no error msg

Hi, I found the /home/student/JB348/labs/configure-cluster/ does not give a proper error response on "exit 7" condition, "too few parameters" would be a greate help. Took quite a while to discover this  as the students tend to make the same mistake over and over and the repeating of the IP address seems to be the problem.  If the IP is repeated twice it looks like the script ran, but it didn't and it influences all other processes after.  

Theo Burden
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Hi Theo,

Thanks for bringing up this issue. It would be great if you can open a ticket for such issues so it reaches the support staff and they can initiate necessary corrections in the course. Such requests would be examined and if determined it is a bug in the course then it would be brought to the attention of appropriate teams. You may open a ticket at below link



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