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I've run the ansible-navigator command using serveral of its subcommands
(e.g. config, images, inventory, settings, doc), and looking at the early output
of each command, I see something that suggest to me that an automation 
execution environment is being run/executed - for each command (i.e. 
$ ansible-navigator doc -l     OR    $  ansible-navigator settings   OR  .etc)

My question is, does an automation executioin environment get
launched/executed/run each time the ansible-navigator command is


Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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Travis -

What dedication to the Red Hat Learning Community.
Even when you're fatigued, you're still out here looking
to provide support.  When the awards are distributed,
it will be a travesty if your name isn't called!!!

If you're asking me my thoughts on your authoring an
Enable Sysadmin article that will expound on Ansible Content Navigator
and Execution Environments, I'm giving that three thumbs
up!!!  I'm sure the community will rush to that composition
like fish to a hook with a fat worm attached!  

Thanks Travis for the link to your previous post.  I reached
out for help, and you pulled me up (again) so that I could
continue my climb!!!

The readers of Enable Sysadmin await the article!!!



Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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