Any love for documentation here?

Hi, Red Hatters,

Thank you for creating a space where learners from all over Red Hat can come to seek and share knowledge.

As a curious person, I am very fond of the opportunity to be a part of an effort such as this.

As a member of Red Hat's  Customer Content Services team (for a little over 2 years now) I am required to constantly learn new things on the job when documenting our rapidly-evolving products.

I am also here to share knowledge with those who might be interested in all things documentation:)

Ask me about:

* Markup: AsciiDoc, Markdown, DocBook XML

* Tools: git, AsciiDoctor, CCUTIL, Publican, Pantheon, Aura, Curstomer Portal,

* Technologies: Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes.

* Other topics: flexible documentation content, single-sourcing for documentation, usptream-downstream collaboration for docs

Oh, and BTW, questions about other topics are also welcome:)

Will keep you posted on updates.

I look forward to your questions.

Happy learning!


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Flight Engineer

My first open source contributions were with Fedora Docs. Helping with documentation is a great way to give back to the community while learning the technology. 

I have seen upstreams use everything from wikis to docbook xml. More and more there is a change to various markdown solution and automation with documentation from code 

Fedora just recently changed their processes. Read more here. This article even steps through how to get started.


Hello all! I´d really like to congratulate the team for the content, but today I'm really interested in understanding the workflow that generates the final documentation site.

For example, I was reading about OpenShift Docs and suddenly I was just wondering how exactly the workflow works since the editor creates a new content (or update something) till its published, and what tools are really used. I was wondering what tools are used, maybe I could setup something for my workflow. I also really like the format - searcheable, with tags, and accessible for everyone.

Other doubts: does it have some kind of workflow approval before the content it published? How many people are involved in reviewing, sketching, drawing the diagrams, evaluating the content about new releases, all the topics organization...

Could you please share some knowledge about all this process sir? thanks in advance!

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