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Best Practices for Developing MuleSoft Integrations: Tips and Insights Needed!

Hello Red Hat community,

I am currently working on developing MuleSoft integrations and seeking advice on best practices. Specifically, I'm interested in learning about tips and insights for efficient MuleSoft integration development.

Here are some areas I'm interested in:

  1. Design patterns for building reusable and scalable integrations.
  2. Error handling and exception management in MuleSoft flows.
  3. Optimizing performance and resource usage in MuleSoft applications.
  4. Securely handling sensitive data and authentication in MuleSoft APIs.

If you have experience with MuleSoft and can share your expertise or point me to helpful resources, I'd greatly appreciate it! Your insights will be invaluable in enhancing my MuleSoft skill development.

Thank you for your time and support!

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