Documentation available at EX248 exam

I'm going to book the EX248 exam online.

Could you let me know what documentation will be available during the EX248 exam?
In the lab environment, I could not find any manuals of JBoss EAP under the /opt/jboss-eap-7.0 directory. What document is shipped with JBoss EAP (it means, is available during the exam)?
Is there any way to read in the lab environment? Or, how can I get the document shipped with JBoss EAP?

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Hi @YusukeSato ,

As indicated in the exam EX248 description: "Documentation that ships with JBoss EAP is available during the exam."

Source: https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/ex248-red-hat-certified-specialist-enterprise-applicatio... 


FYI, that's somehow "part" of these exams, we are given some product documentation, that works offline, available during the exam. One can also use the manpage, etc... It's part of the difficulty (sometimes) to deal with the environment, what is presented, in order to answer the questions with the required time frame. That implies experience with the product(s), for example sometimes there are many time consuming tasks to do, and it's not the time during the exam for any candidate to learn how to do things...


Good luck in advance,



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