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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Does Redhat Virtualization Platform or it's opensource Counterpart Support Amd Ryzen Series CPU?

I have created a lab using 2 rhev node and a rhel 8 as stand-alone rhvm  deploying inside VMware workstation with nested virtualization on. But when I add the 2 rhev node in its settings it shows the processor as an AMD EPYC and when I try to create a  VM it ended up failing. Its look like in the logs it causes because of an unsupported CPU. Does anyone ever got success deploying ovirt or redhat virtualization platform inside VMware workstation with amd ryzen cpus?. Does there any workaround? If not any alternatives or suggestions similar to redhat virtualization platform may be derived from ovirt which work with ryzen  ,nested virtualization on?

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Starfighter Starfighter

What's the output of `lspcu` and  `virsh capabilities` (or `virsh -r capabilities`) run within the virtual hypervisors?

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