I wrote my first attempt RHCSA exam on the 1st March 2024. For the first time after writing an IT exam ,I felt robbed , I dismally failed , don't know how ? I got 0% for everything on node1 even though ,I enabled all my services after making changes. This is one exam where one failes because of Red Hat incompetency not because they don't know their work. 

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Hello @Benzitho !

I understand your anger and feeling after scoring less than your expectation when you have invested your time and money into earning something prestigious like an RHCSA certificate - trust me we all have felt this someway down in our life and our career as well !

I dont want to sound cliche - but I could not mean it more sincerely that blaming Red Hat whose certification you dearly desire is not going to help you in this case. 

If Red Hat is incompetent- no one will invest their time and money in our products and services - once you are clear about this we can discuss on how things go south in an exam which is time bounded and graded after you have finished your work. 

Configuring services is one thing - and services working after that is another and that too services working after a reboot is altogether another thing. 

You need to go through the exam objectives again and redo those labs in the course to understand why services should work , how services should work and why it must persist reboots. You also need to see how grading works in the lab - how each obejctives  of a lab is matched with the work you have done and how and when is it marking you either PASS or FAIL. 

We donot allow discussions on exam questions as it will hamper the exam dignity and importance and it's relevance - but you know what you did  in the exam - you think that you completed those objectives - but in reality you did not. 

You may have completed some tasks but misconfiguration in a single task can render that node entirely unrecoverable during grading - and thats one way a person can get 0% if there were other things to be graded on that node ( because the node never came back up after reboot ) .see this attached image :


Your systems or nodes are rebooted prior to grading - if the system does not come up then  it does not really matter which other objectives you completed on that node. 

Another important thing to ponder about is Questions / tasks objective - eg. If I want you to add a user named "John" with a password - "success" -  username "Jhon" wont work and nor will the password - "Success" or "sucess". Same way when I want you to mount certain disk or storage at /var/lib/data then no other mount point will get you marks. 

These are important things to consider as a sys admin as it can have huge adverse impact on production environments. 

I would strogly recommend you to go back at exam objectives here :  and restart your journey with the training labs and course concepts. 

If you are not satisfied with this answer - or for any exam score  grading related query, the only option to raise that is : 

Use the free reattempt voucher and I am sure you will clear this exam with a very good score!

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