Exam Environment fails to start after booting from USD


I created the USB from the ISO using Fedora on my Win 10 machine. I disabled boot security to boot from the USB, I get the Redhat initalization message, followed by a full screen "Red Hat Remote Exam - environment is loading into memory" it progresses to 100%, then nothing - just sits on that screen! What should it do and how can I get past this?

Also - the email I got after registering for the exam, has a link for chat-support - that also fails. Can some please assist as my exam is fast approaching.

Thank You


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I have sat 3 remote exams in last 2 months. For me, it seems that the latest version of the exam image doesn't work on very new hardware, so older hardware has more chance of success. Neither of the images worked on my new laptop (Lenovo v15) but did work on my old desktop (2014  DDR3-1333)

With the webcam, sometimes just moving it to a different USB port can help.

Ctrl-R or Ctrl-Shft-R can reload the mozilla browser if has problems

Happily, Red Hat did contact me by phone when I was unable to get the exam to activate (this is after the environment had loaded, I was logged in and after the compatibility test.) I know this doesn't help the OP issue, but if you can get beyond that and log in, there is help.

Good Luck!


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