External Camera unable to display small letters

Hi All -

Cannot get my external camera to read the small font in my ID Card. Not sure if it is the driver included in the bootable USB or the camera itself. Using Logitech C505.

I can see myself clearly with the camera booting from the USB. It seems as though the camera is unable to auto-zoom when booted from the exam ISO image.

Can somebody please provide a recommended external camera or provide some advice?

Many Thanks and Best Regards.

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The "read the small letters" requirement seems to be new - it was not there the last few times I checked the compatibility test.


I also have a C505e (720p, no autofocus). This camera is not able to display the the small letters on my ID card, probably because it does not have autofocus.


I also have a C920 (1080p, with autofocus). The C920 is able to display the small letters on the ID card, this camera has autofocus and the autofocus works in the exam compatibility check.

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