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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Wrong certification ID

Hello everyone,

May not be the right channel for this, but I'm wondering if there is someone from certification team here? I just passed EX310 in order to renew both openstack administrator and engineer, but for some reason I was assigned a new certification ID (210-044-111), even though I provided the correct one (150-166-817) in the scheduler before taking the exam. As a result, expiration dates didn't get updated in my profile and both certs expire in a few hours (April 1). Is there anything that can be done before they expire or I will have to submit a request to reinstate my credentials? The only reason I've taken EX310 is to extend both certs and it will be very annoying if I end up having to take EX210 as well, even though I didn't miss the deadline and both certs were still current when I received the results (and they still are). I have a relatively high level, so every certificate counts.

Thank you in advance.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Re: Wrong certification ID

Just noticed that certificates were extended until June 1st, 2021. Didn't bother to look, since I was told 3 months ago that there were no plans to extended credentials past April 1st, 2021.

Can't delete the post, so feel free to disregard this. Submitted a request to the certification team.

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