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Failed RHCSA v8 Exam

Hi there,

i got 162/300 points and did fail the exam.

I was kinda suprised (lost about 30-40 minutes of time) because i couldn't reset the root password. In fact i was aware that there a different kind of methods to reset the root passwords. My exam was on RHEL 8.2 so i practiced resetting the root password with rd.break. On my labs it worked perfectly fine everytime but on the exam i couldn't change the root password. I knew there was a second method too (with init=/bin/bash) but i didn't practiced much with that method since i thought it would be on RHEL9 exam. So i tried like 30-40 minutes to reset the root password and was finally able to reset it. Unfortunately i lost a lot off time and began to panic rushing through all tasks. 

                OBJECTIVE: SCORE

                Manage basic networking: 0%

                Understand and use essential tools: 60%

                Operate running systems: 57%

                Configure local storage: 40%

                Create and configure file systems: 67%

                Deploy, configure and maintain systems: 50%

                Manage users and groups: 100%

                Manage security: 100%

                Manage containers: 0%

                Create simple shell scripts: 0%

So first of all i don't understand why i did get 0% on manage basic networking. In the task i was told to just configure the appropiate ip address, netmask, gateway and dns. I did that via nmcli connection modify and checked it out if i did everything correct, unless i misunderstood the task?

There was also a simple shell script task. I did that and tested it out, it was succesful, so i also don't understand why i'd get here 0%. Maybe there is something, it told me to create the script under /usr/local/bin with the name lets say "script". I saved it there as "". Would that mean i was not allowed to name it with .sh? 

I got a free retake so i will soon try again. Hopefully someone can explain me the issues i faced within the exam. 

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Maybe you should use connection.autoconnect yes with your nmcli command?
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I had to configure a specific ip address with netmask, gateway and dns.I did that but i was not sure which interface i should have edit, there were 3 different interfaces. eth0 and 3 virtual interfaces so logically i thought i had to just modify eth0 according to the task and did that.



nmcli connection modify eth0 ipv4.address ipv4.gateway ipv4.dns ipv6.method disabled ipv4.method manual (i am turning ipv6 off because i had sometimes problems - no connection while labbing)

then i i shut the connection and start it up again via:

nmcli connection down eth0

nmcli connection up eth0

or sometimes i restart the service via systemctl.

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Im in the same boat. Did ever you get a reaponse from the redhat team?
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Hi, i can't tell for sure but i did some research on where i could have failed. Red Hat didn't tell me anything specific, they reviewed my case and told me that the scoring was appropiate. 

Regarding the network task: It may have been the case that connection.autoconnect was set to false so after reboot my connection wouldn't start automatically ~ 0 points

Regarding the scripting task: I may have gotten 0 points because of the naming of the file. I was told (in the task) to name it "script" but i instead named it as in the appropiate folder /usr/local/bin/

nevertheless i was able to pass the exam not too long ago. Passed with 287/300 Points and almost 100% in every subject!

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