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How to enroll in RHCE

I wanted to purchase the RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam (EX294V8K) - MY). I can add to cart, but checking out redirects to this website but cannot see the exam here:

Any way to purchase the exam online? I want to use a discount code.

Thanks in advance.

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi there,

first login there with your credential and then try to purchase it . I think due to that you are facing this issue .

Akash S. Solanke
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follow these simple steps :

Create an Account and then log in using your Credentials and then add RCHE Course to Cart, then Purchase 

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

@j190324 , did you manage to buy your exam in the end? 

It may be related to the country you select in the Postal Address of you RedHat account. Try to change the country to another one (Germany for example) , wait  some time of 5 minutes and try again. For me it worked like this. But I did not proceed to the end as I am not sure this is allowed (to buy exam as you are in another country than your current one). Even if I do not see a problem with this as you may be sent by your company in a business trip in another country for several months and you want to take the remote exam and not wait to come back to your passport country. 

Also check if you received email address VALIDATION from RedHat for the email address linked to your RedHat account. If not, try to validate your email address for your account.

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