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Locating Exam Centers for RH Certifications

Hello Everyone !

As you all are aware Red Hat offers two modes of exams - "Center Exam" (CE) and "Remote Exam" (RE)

Remote Exams have been introduced during the pandemic to make it easier for the candidates to take their certification exams from wherever they are (*with required hardware setup). It' has been greatly welcomed by everyone and it is still in great demand.

On the other hand, Center Exams is a traditional way where candidates go to the exam centers and take their exams.

So, for those who want to take the exam at exam centers, it is important to find where these exam centers are located in their region.

Below is the link where candidates can check the available exam centers nearby to them -

Just select the country from the dropdown and click on search to find all the available exam centers in the country with it's details and contact number.

Hope it helps ! 


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