Macbook Pro 2019 / internal Keyboard not working / Remote exam

I've already checked the setup for the exam but when I booted on my Macbook Pro 2019 internal keyboard and touchpad are not being recognized by the live usb, so I need to plug an external keyboard. Since I don't have an external monitor and local keyboard is not working on Macbook Pro 2019 there would be only 1 keyboard connected. How can I get a solution for this specific setup to be approved, since my exam is soon and I don't have any other laptop but the one provided by Red Hat. Thanks

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I do not think there is a way RH would allow an external keyboard without an external monitor.
The issue with 2019 Macbooks is known but the proctors are not able to verify you are using this model. In other words, an external monitor has to be used in this case. I think there is unfortunately no way around it. Use a simple USB-c to Display port adapter, do not use those multiple ports extenders (external docks) as they are utilizing Thunder Bolt protocol which is not well supported. If I were you, I would borrow another older mainstream Wintel laptop instead. 

Petr Cihlar
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I could not get my 2019 Macbook boot the exam VM from an USB stick.

I gave up on it and revived my 10 year old HP Elite which works like a charm.

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