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I earned my RHCE in 2004 (RHEL3) and then again in 2007.(RHEL5), so my certification has long since expired.  I've been preparing for EX294, but have come across conflicting information.  I've read that EX294 is sufficient to recertify, but I've also read that in addition to EX294, I need to take EX200.  Conversely, I've also read that taking any RHCA exam will renew my RHCE.

Can anyone clarify what is required in my situation?

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Flight Engineer

In order to activate your RHCE, you need to have an active RHCSA certification, so yes, you need to pass ex200 and ex394 to be re-granted the RHCE status.

Once you have an active RHCE, passing an exam in the RHCA path will extend the RHCE validity to the same date. Logic here is that RHCA-level exams requires current knowledge of RHCE contents anyhow.


Hope this helps.

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