How to prepare for RH199 and EX200

Hello community,

This year I would like to do the RH199 Rapid Track crouse and the EX200 RHCSA exam shortly afterwards.

I'm going to do the RH199 as online training and the EX200 as a remote exam. At first I'd like to schedule the exam to have fix point in time when I have to be  ready. Is that even possible? Or do I have to complete the RH199 first to schedule the exam, because RH199 is prerequisite for EX200?

As an online training I have 90 days to complete the course which seems quile long compared to the 5 days you have on an on site training. As it's my first time doing an online training I'd like to know what's waiting for me there. I guess there are ebooks oder PDFs, videos and some kind of lab envirionment to train, right? I appreciate if someone would share their experience here with me.

Is it possible to save some of the materials to local storage to used it after the 90 days period where the course ended?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Best regards, Joerg

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