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Hello there,
Thanks for advance for taking the time to ready this.

I'm willing to pass RHCSA Exam soon, i have been using a video course for v8 and practicing on v8.6 labs all the time, i got a few questions regarding the exam:

0.What exact version of RHEL do I take the exam on because I am expecting different behaviors when I use Beta vs 8.6.... it would really help to know the version
1.I will take the exam in a Redhat center, and its 3 hours, do they allow for a bathroom break?
2.They now have RHCSA 8 AND 9 and im wording if i can pass the RHCSA 9, is there huge difference or is it the same objectives?
3.How do i interact with the given lab? do they put me in front of VMs (do i have access to host? can i force a shutdown in case of an emergency)
3:explaining the above in details:
i did setup a startis to autoboot, but when i wrote the service name incorrectly in /etc/fstab, i got redhat logo for about 15min and i have to do a forced reboot from VMware, i wonder if i can do that in case i make such mistake in the exam)
4.lets suppose i got a task:
create an lvm with name xxx and size 300M...
if i forget to name it but i do the rest, do i get a percentage of the task points or do i just get a zero?
5.some section are reallt scary to be honest like regex, is it a deal break if im not good at it?
that will be all,.

thank you

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I really do wish I could answer your questions better but all I have is my own experience. I just took the RHCSA ex200 for RHEL 8 at the beginning of this year. I can see from the objectives page that the current test is for 9. 

  1. I took my test remotely and I could take a bathroom break, so I image you can too.
  2. Does your voucher explicitly say your test is for RHEL8?
  3. On my remote exam, I was working with x2 vm's that I had the ability to reboot the vm's from the management console incase I lost ssh access.
  4. This is just a guess, but I think you get 100% wrong. Here's why I say this:
    I had 1 objective to do a ~3 step process (intentionally vague for contractual reasons) with containers. I'm extremely confident I did 2/3 steps correctly, but I could remember the command to do the last one to reach the ultimate exam objective for the container. Because of that I got a 0% on my knowledge of "containers" in my test results  summary email. 
  5. In Linux there's always more than one way to skin a cat. Either practice more with your regex'ing or be creative in your exam objective accomplishments. For the exam, it's not "how" you did it, its "if" you did it


Hope this helps! Good luck on your exam! good-luck-on-your-exam-919741


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