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Questions about the RHCSA exam

Hi, I have my RHCSA this coming Friday and had some questions for you guys since several here have probably already taken the certificate.


In the lab for RH124/134 you fail a chapter if you failed one of seven tasks, is this regulated similarly as strict as in the exam?


You have to get 210/300 points to pass, how are the points distributed? For example, 20 points per chapter or for each sub-task passed?


What were your pitfalls in your last exam?


How do the tasks in the RHCSA compare to the comprehensive reviews at the end of RH134?

more/less difficult?

The 2 1/2 hours should be enough time, do you have any tips for me?

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


My advice for you is to be prepared on all topics described in the Exam Objectives for RCHSA. You can accomplish this by doing all the exercises and labs provided during the courses. They are a powerful tool for building muscle memory and giving you more confidence.

Regarding time, it is a matter of time management. If you are stuck on a specific task, try doing another one and then return to the previous one.

Most important, in order to get more confidence, I highly recommend you take the Preliminary Exam, if you can, of course.

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