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RH Virtualization market adoption

Hi all,

I recently earned my RHCA in Infrastructure with the following certificates:

- Ansible Automation
- Configuration Management
- OpenShift Application Development
- OpenShift Administration
- OpenStack Administration

With my current RHLS I have one additional certification left. I choose my certs based on the current technology trends and focusing on technologies which have a wide market adoption.

However I‘m also interested to build up a diverse skill set. For my last certification I‘m considering to take one of these:

- Advanced Automation
- Virtualization
- Hybrid Cloud Management

How is the markt adoption of RH Virtualization and CloudForms? I couldn‘t find references of Fortune 100 companies. How do you see these two technologies nowadays and in the future?

Would be interested to hear your opinion and experience.
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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

It would depend on your territory - so check your job sites - but for me in the UK. I have seen a total of 0 jobs ever for RH Virtualization. Thats 0 out of 1000's of roles.

Not only that the EX318 is seen as a real soft touch.

Advanced Automation would be a logical extension of your EX407

Cloudforms would be reasonable given your focus on cloud (but it's a soft touch too)


I wouldn't bother with RHEV.  That being said, it's a very capable virtualisation technology and I actually like it - but the market where I live doesn't agree with me.


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I wouldn't bother with RHV, either - it has very little market penetration & Cloud-Native Virtualization in OpenShift is the future in that area.

I have the hybrid cloud cert because it was relevant for me, but CloudForms isn't that popular, either, and it's fate seems uncertain.  Personally, I would go for the Advanced Automation (and will myself next year).

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