RHCSA EX200 exam (RHEL8)

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within 3 weeks of hardcore selfstudying (10h/day with the pomodoro technique), i feel confident about taking the EX200 exam. I am looking for taking the RHCSA8 because i did study with RHCSA Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (Updated): Training and Exam Preparation Guide (EX200), Second Edition written by Asghar Ghori (My company is partnered with Red Hat and we have our own learning platform with all possible courses for all possible certificates, from Cloud to Windows to Linux to Security etc). In my opinion this book was easy to understand and i almost finished it. I am now at the last two chapters (shell scripting and container technologies) Soon i will be the practice Exams. So now about my question: Anyone have already experience with these Exams? If i am able to do the Practice exams with ease, can i be considered to be "ready" to take the exam? I am planning to take the exam within the next 2-3 weeks or maybe sooner if i am able to get an appointment.


Why the RHCSA8 but not the RHCSA9? 

Since i did study with the RHEL8 Book, i don't really know much about the changes and i don't really want to risk any problems in the exam. In fact i do now about some problems like the root password which is kind of different to change in RHEL9.0 (there you need init=/bin/bash instead of rd.break) but in RHEL9.1 rd.break works again. And more stuff like that, i think its almost "impossible" for me to cover up all risks and changes which i don't know about since i studied with the RHCSA8 Book.

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