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RHCSA exam

I am trying to do the compatibility test and my test is failing at
1. You must be able to connect to the media server.
2. Video quality is acceptable
Not sure what I am doing incorrectly
My external webcam is new and should be compatible.
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Hi @Khalidmoha ,

In the preparation guide, there's a link to contact live support (end of page 1): 

Feel free to check with them.


Also, another learner, @PiotrS  made this page about webcam supported: 

You can check there also, see if your webcam has been used by other candidates.

PS: if you want unofficial help from other learners in your topic, it would be great to provide additional information such as the iso checksum (to find which iso you are using), the type of laptop, the webcam model, your network connection type (RJ45, wifi...)... anything so that others can help you.

Good luck!



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