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Release Announcement: [DO121] Introduction to Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift [July 31, 2023] Cou

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift

[July 31, 2023] 

Course Overview

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift (DO121) introduces Red Hat cloud services with a primary focus on the Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift managed service. Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a turnkey application platform that allows organizations to increase operational efficiency, focus on innovation, and quickly build, deploy and scale applications.

Red Hat OpenShift bridges platform, application, and developer services on top of Kubernetes and Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS, adding extensibility features such as logging, monitoring, and security. Customers moving from other Kubernetes deployment will quickly appreciate the enhanced capabilities engineered into Red Hat’s platform. 

Customers consuming Red Hat OpenShift cloud services such as Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift are advised to also learn the fundamental skills of managing Red Hat OpenShift clusters from courses such as OpenShift Administration I (DO180) and OpenShift Administration II (DO280).  

Changes in this Update

This course update extends DO121 from half to one full instructional day by adding new topics and hands-on activities about configuring Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift clusters to take advantage of Azure cloud services, such as:

  • Configuring cluster nodes with specialized VM sizes;
  • Autoscaling cluster nodes;
  • Provisioning specialized volume types for applications;
  • Cluster and application log forwarding to Azure Monitor for long-term retention and analysis.

There are also minor bug fixes to the existing content about creating Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift clusters and configuring authentication for developers and administrators.

Quick Facts

Quick Fact TableRelease


1 Day


Red Hat OpenShift 4.10

Skills Assessment

There’s no skills assessment and none is planned at this time


Are you interested in learning how to deploy, access, and perform basic customizations to a Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster? Red Hat Training and Certification has kept the same great foundational course and enhanced the course topics. 

The Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift course (DO121) still focuses on how to provision managed clusters and perform basic 2-day customizations. With the new updates, you’ll also learn about configuring clusters for developer self-service and connect a cluster to Red Hat Services. Familiarity with the OpenShift Administration skills path is recommended, but not required. 


Skill Paths (URL)

OpenShift skills path


Emily Talbert
Global Delivery Program Manager
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Wonderful news @Emily_Talbert ! 

The course also includes essential skills such as configuring additional storage classes to match application requirements, creating dedicated node pools with varying VM sizes for specific applications, and implementing node autoscaling based on application load. Additionally, the course covers log forwarding, enabling the forwarding of cluster and pod logs to Azure Monitor for efficient monitoring and analysis.

Highly recommend this course for learners wo wish to go for Azure DevOps path. 

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Great news @Emily_Talbert looking forward to it.

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