Remote Exam Bootable ISO frozen on ‘Remove USB’ screen

I am trying to boot into the Red Hat remote exam ISO from a bootable thumb drive. The boot process finished, but on the screen where a messagebox is displayed saying ‘Please remove USB drive before proceeding’ it is frozen. I already removed the thumb drive but no response. My mouse and keyboard are not responding. I tried multiple times but same thing happened. The version of ISO is 20210309. Any idea why this is happening ?
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if you are booting into the exam environment, it should never prompt you to remove the USB drive. It looks that it might be an artifact on the screen. What happens if you ignore the message and leave the drive plugged for a few more minutes? (eg 5 o 10, to fully give the laptop time to boot).

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Ok, I waited on that screen for more than 30 mins with the bootable thumb drive plugged in but the Mac remained unresponsive…finally I had to give in and hard rebooted my Mac
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Ok I tried again and ran into the same issue...screen frozen on the 'Remove USB' screen...I waited for almost 30 mins, but the screen remained unresponsive...

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I tried with another usb memory stick but ran into the same issue, the screen remains unresponsive on the ‘Please Remove the USB drive before proceeding’. I let the memory remain plugged in and waited on that screen for more than 20 mins but nothing seems to be happening, not sure what is going on. Why is the red hat remote exam environment so clunky ? Can somebody please help me out ?
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I am facing the same issue, It went unresponsive on removing USB screen.

My SYSTEM specification:

AMD R5 5600,16GB RAM 500GB SSD,


Can anyone help in this..

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