[SOLVED] Keyboard layout (AZERTY/QWERTY) when resetting root password


I am training for the RHCSA exam, my due date is on Aug. 25th. One of the exercises consists in reinitializing the root password while booting.

I am using an Azerty (French) keyboard. The Grub shell uses Qwerty keyboard, so I have to adapt my typing. The letters A and Q are switched between layouts.

The strange thing is that when I type my new root password, for instance "redhat", I should type a "Q" as in "redhqt" to be able to have a matching password when the machine starts and comes back to the Azerty layout. But it is not what happens : I still have to type "redhqt" to connect with root after reboot, even with my Azerty keyboard.

Doing some research I understood that the system can keep memory of the key place accross reboots, but I don't really understand how it works.

Moreover, I am not sure how the password will be evaluated during the exam : as "redhat" or "redhqt"? I would'nt like to miss points because of this, even if I can change the password again afterwards, I suppose.

Thank you for your answers.

EDIT : Solved. I did the exercise once again in fact the emergency console recognizes my Azerty layout. I just probably didn't pay enough attention to it and was mistaken by the fact that the kernel entry in Grub must be edited using Qwerty. Sorry for this question which is finally irrelevant. Is it possible to remove this topic?

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