Unable to boot Exam Live USB Image

Hello there!
I'm wondering if someone faces something similar..
I try on Fedora and Windows and also try with different USBs.
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 14.47.21 PM.png

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I don't think I understand your question. When you say "I try on Fedora and Windows and also try with different USBs." That doesn't make sense to me. Unless you are trying to Virtualbox or KVM boot the LiveExamOS. You're supposed to boot your BIOS or UEFI into the LiveExamOS, not into a hypervisor. So Fedora or Windows should have no bearing on it. The LiveExamOS is a modified Fedora, which is entirely loaded into your RAM sticks during setup.

Give that a try--on my Asus desktop I plugged in the LiveExamOS USB stick, burned by Fedora Media Writer on FedoraWorkstation, and then turned on my PC. I do F12 or DELETE to enter UEFI during PC bootup, then clicked Boot Override on the UEFI-USB stick.
If I am miss understanding you and you're doing all this, please post a larger screenshot. I noticed you have an i386 in the log there--that's a 32-bit CPU archi-type. I think you have to have a 64-bit...but I could be wrong on that.

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I have a desktop pc on Windows and a laptop on Fedora, and I try on both of them.
I did the same steps that you mention and got that error...

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I can't boot in the USB either. I tried multiple USB drives, I imaged it with Fedore Media Writer and also with dd utility on Linux. None boot. I can select the USB drive from the BIOS menu. 

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

@coaje If you're experiencing the same error as above (as shown in the image), please ensure you booting in UEFI mode but not Legacy.

You need to make sure the device you using has these 2 settings in the BIOS - 

1. Boot mode must be UEFI and not Legacy

2. Secure boot must be disabled 

Note: If you're switching the boot mode from Legacy to UEFI, the secure boot option may get enabled autimatically. So, please check the secure boot option as well if you're switching the boot mode

Red Hat does not recommend to make any changes to BIOS settings. You may take help of any local tech to do that or you can try it at your own risk

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