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Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community 25K member contest!

The Red Hat Learning Community has reached 25,000 members - To celebrate this milestone we are kicking off a 25K Member Contest

How to enter: Each action completed below is equivalent to one (1) contest entry. The more actions completed, the more chances you have to win.   

  1. Register for the Red Hat Learning Community (if not yet a member)
  2. Kudo (aka “like”) this 25K member contest post
  3. Reply to this post with a brief description of why you love open source or your open source learning journey!
  4. Complete your community biography here.

3 winners will be randomly selected to win one (1) $50 Visa Gift Card and receive an RHLC member feature for 30 days! Read the contest rules, terms and conditions here.

Thank you again to the entire Red Hat Learning Community for fostering open source skill adoption and the growth of this community. 

Good luck!

This contest will close on February 28, 2020.

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Starfighter Starfighter

Open source is great because it allows people from different backgrounds and experience levels to get involved with, learn from, and contribute to projects that they're interested in. Everyone involved can benefit from the range of different input experiences, and the deliverables (not just "software") benefit as well.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I love the concept of open source because it enables the learning process to become more of a social and team oriented. I love any working environment where everyone comes to achieve unified goals. That was one thing I like about building houses... teamwork and comradery. The sun and heat, not so much!! Hahaha

~Mind Elevation~
Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

When you have an interest in a technology but it's not accessible to you. Sometimes because you either have to pay for it or worse, obtain via illegitimate means. Opensource breaks down this barrier.
It avails an opportunity to make your mark on that technology. Most importantly for me is being able to collaborate with many smart people from diverse backgrounds who are willing to share their knowledge and time for the greater good.

Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Open Source Software is about choice, and it's viral.


I have been hooked to it OSS/Linux since 1999 and spreading it around.

OSS enables innovation, collaborations, learning, experimentation of new ideas and connects communities and people together. 

OSS enables diversity, enables new mindsets in almost everything; education,  society, business. its a lifestyle, it is a career. its organically chaotic, but in a good lovely way (e.g. FOSDEM). 

OSS enabled Openness, Open Data, Open Science,  Open Politics, ..etc. 

OSS is revolutionizing the world,  see for example the Cloud, or the 4th Industry revolution! they would never have happened soon if not for Open-source software 

OSS changed the world, let's keep on changing the world to a better place

I ❤️ Open Source 

~ Walid - Red Hat Accelerator, DevOps Janitor
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Why love OSS? Why don't?!
OpenSource contains in its essence the ideas of true collaboration: there is no need for secrets because knowledge and ideas have no owner. OpenSource guide us to a better world, where, like in our current word, knowledge is power, but unlike our world power do not belong to a few, but to all of us.


I like Red Hat Open Source because it allowed me to learn lots of powerful tools and technologies that were driving the Internet at its early conception.  I was able to develop my own website with a Database backend and integrate authentication and dis-allow hot links thus you needed to be authenticated in order to access the DB info.  That was my first project that I did on my own afrter work hours just so I could learn.  And yes, I learned so much through this project and it developed my confidence and understanding of Technology.  I later learned about Grep, Sed, Awk, package managers and suddenly my technical abilities were so much more effective as I started solving real world problems using Red Hat.  I owe Red Hat so much because I grew up as a professional with Red Hat.   

Starfighter Starfighter

I feeling a lot of luv from you for Open Source, especially Red Hat.  Right on!

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I love open source because to me, it is a hobby not a job.  One of the many reasons I like open source is that it can be very quick to fix issues. There are a lot of helping hands 'out there' who are willing to help.




Open Source is the answer. In Open Source, you have the worldwide cooperation and collaboration of everyone from beginner to seasoned pros. The community that Open Source brings together is what makes me ok with being "just a human".

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Having the power and control over the things you own and things you know makes open source the source of love and freedom.

You can contribute to great things in human history, like the linux itself for example
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