Red Hat Learning Community exceeds 25k members by empowering collaborative open source learning


Through the power of open source innovation and collaboration, the Red Hat Learning Community has reached more than 25,000 members! In less than two years since its launch, the community proves itself a valuable virtual gathering space for Red Hat technology learners and subject matter experts alike to share knowledge and develop their open source skill sets. 

Our first major milestone came in September of 2018 when the community was released to the public, allowing global open source learners the opportunity to connect with Red Hat verified instructors and certified professionals. Less than a year later we celebrated our 10,000 member milestone, proving users felt supported, enabled, and motivated as they tackled challenging learning goals. 

In the spirit of true open source learning, however, we crowdsourced what users needed as they continued to up-skill on Red Hat technologies and adjusted our platform to meet these needs. This feedback was critical in launching the following feature and enhancements to our site:

  • Personalized feed based on subscribed learning interests allows users to have their own unique experience within the learning community.
  • Member follow feature gives members the option to follow along with their favorite contributors. 
  • Modernized design offers a cleaner and sleeker visual experience. 
  • Featured learning resources teach users valuable, real-world skills at no cost.
  • Learning articles allow users to contribute their own thoughts,  ideas, tutorials, tips and resources to our platform with the opportunity to be potentially published and view learning articles submitted by other subject matter experts.  

These optimizations allow us to add value for our members by facilitating a personalized learning experience fostered by collaborative engagement with peers and certified professionals. The numerous enhancements have attributed to our continued success, allowing us to reach the lofty goal of 25,000 members. 

As our product roadmap is largely inspired by community driven feedback, take the opportunity to share your ideas on our community “Think Tank”.

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With such a wide array of knowledge and skills all housed in one platform, discussion topics range from the deeply technical to broader conversations about the future of open source. The Red Hat Learning Community provides a diverse content archive and user base to meet the needs of all skill levels entering the platform, and ultimately assisting users at every level in their careers to pursue Red Hat certifications.

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The learning community also provides badges and leaderboards to help members track their progress through their self-guided learning track. Members can unlock badges online and offline through a series of actions,  such as posting, interacting with posts, attending industry events, becoming a Red Hat Certified Professional or participating in Power Training at Red Summit courses. 

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Since its launch, the Red Hat Learning Community has grown to include:

  • More than 25,000 members
  • More than 4,000 posts 
  • 200+ verified Red Hat Training Instructors (RHCI’s)
  • 500+ Red Hat Certified Professionals (RHCP’s)

We’re excited by the growth experienced by the Red Hat Learning Community and we’re continually looking to add new content and features. We encourage you to visit us at, introduce yourself, start a discussion or join one of our existing conversations.

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