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Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community 25K member contest!

The Red Hat Learning Community has reached 25,000 members - To celebrate this milestone we are kicking off a 25K Member Contest

How to enter: Each action completed below is equivalent to one (1) contest entry. The more actions completed, the more chances you have to win.   

  1. Register for the Red Hat Learning Community (if not yet a member)
  2. Kudo (aka “like”) this 25K member contest post
  3. Reply to this post with a brief description of why you love open source or your open source learning journey!
  4. Complete your community biography here.

3 winners will be randomly selected to win one (1) $50 Visa Gift Card and receive an RHLC member feature for 30 days! Read the contest rules, terms and conditions here.

Thank you again to the entire Red Hat Learning Community for fostering open source skill adoption and the growth of this community. 

Good luck!

This contest will close on February 28, 2020.

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Hello my name is Derek and I am a programming major at FTCC. I think red hat is cool becuase it will allow you continue to make innovative changes to programs. I have 2 kids and hope that programming will help me create applications and red hat should help troubleshoot a bunch of those issues. I love videogames and hope this also may be a way to get involved in programming them as well. 

Starfighter Starfighter

Red Hat is cool!!!   Much success is on your journey.

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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Hello everyone,

My name is Kevin and I am new to the Red Hat Learning Community. I look forward to learning more about the community and what it has to offer. Wish the best to everyone within the community and good luck! 


Hello! I'm new here to RedHat and I don't know much about open source but I'm excited to learn more and dive into what it is all about!


Hi Everyone

My name is Hasan and I am also new to this Linux course with FTCC. I'm learning that Linux plattforms are being used to run many large businesses. Linux is an open source software that can be changed and updated to meet a customer's needs.


Hi, my name is William and I'm new to the Red Hat commumity and looking for to learning all that I can. I have came across Linux in some classes I have taken before but they were lightly touched on. I'm really to get into this.

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I love open source because I can modify it to the way that I want it specifically for my needs and to put my unique touch on it. It is also indeed alot more safer and proven to be more reliable.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Hope.

I am a student at FTCC and excited to be here.

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Hello Everyone. My name is Levon Wilson. I am currently studying in Computer Information Technology: PC Support & Services. This is my last semester at FTCC for this degree. I enjoy working and playing FPS games on my free time. I hope to Learn a lot about Linux this semester here at FTCC.

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Hello everyone.  My name is Robert and I am a complete novice when it comes to Linux and Red Hat.  I am currently taking classes at FTCC and I'm looking forward to learning new skills to assist me in making a career change.

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