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What do you want to see in the Red Hat Learning Community?


Hi Community,

We would love to hear form you on what features you would like to see in the Red Hat Learning Community - the community is also a place where you can suggest ideas regarding Red Hat Training and Certification, new courses, feedback, etc. We are looking to hear from you!



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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Here is an idea regarding Red Hat Training (RHLS) - can we have a list of recently used courses shown under the Home > My Courses section? I find it annoying to see a list of courses that I've not accessed in more than a month, but a course that I used a day ago is nowhere to be seen. At the moment I need to go to Courses > My Course History if I want to find it.

Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Local exam delivery, local as in "taking the exam at home instead of going to a dedicated testing center location which may or may not be located in the same city or country where you live".

I am not sure if it devalues (or not) the certification and knoweldge gained while preparing for it, though...

Starfighter Starfighter

I cannot see this ever being an option unless you somehow manage to satisfy all harware and software requirements for individual exams (i.e. a laptop from an approved manufacturer, an OS installed by the Red Hat cert team etc), plus you need a decent fibre broadband line. Even then you would still need to ensure that the room meets Red Hat requirements.

Have a read about facility requirements for Red Hat individual exams. Taking Red Hat exams from home is not going to happen (unless they change the requirements).

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