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What is your favorite Red Hat course?

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What is your favorite Red Hat Course and why?

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I have been playing with Redhat scheduler juggling exam times. Hope my company renews our subscription soon. Its over Sept 13, 2022.

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I have been doing Red Hat Training over last 6+ years in Sri Lanka under  two major institutes. Since I am a part time trainer I used the theories and concept to my working job as well. That is most idel way to teaching and learning because I know which theory applies where. Doing work while teaching is really good way of learning things.

However for this thread, my favourite course in Red Hat is RHCSA (both RH124 and RH134). I love how people get to know things from zero linux knowledge.

And RH294 (Automation with Ansible), earlier it was DO407. I did both trainings and I am training both to students in institutions. Main reason is Ansible training teaching how to ansibalize the majot linux administration tasks which is the most intering part.

This is my view and I am open to discuss further.

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