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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

dos2unix file for only *.sh file or all *.txt file or any other format file

Hi All,


can execute dos2unix only *.sh file or any other file like *.txt or any file .


if execute dos2unix on other format extensions (.xml or .txt or *.cer ) file will be deployable or not .

could you please share your valuable information .

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hello @jeesshnasree,

Like all linux commands which can take one or several files as parameters (such as ls, cat, rm), dos2unix allows the use of a bash glob pattern like *.sh or *.txt. The shell will expand that glob pattern into the list of all actual files matching that pattern before actually calling the command.

Any text file (like xml, txt or cer) is a valid input for dos2unix.


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