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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

ex288 score grading

Hello  Everyone,

I just take EX288 I had quite confident in some task but my score was quite tragic. i got about 85 marks

but I already had been receive the result same like in exam was asking for like try to changing some parameter, create re-deploy also having the same endpoint that I can clicked from exam and having same result was it asking for.

If I had misconfigure something like naming I quite understandable but it should not make me got zero marks in almost area which already having the output same like the Exam. I already try to contact Red Hat Certification team.

If they try to investigate my Openshift Exam Cluster and result was still the same I think I would accept it gratefully but hoping at least to Certification Exam team checking my exam cluster is it possible ?

Thank you very much everyone TwT

Exam was fun and challenge.

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Yesterday attended the same exam, EX288V410, unfortunately got 0. While each questions carring more than 30 marks, how the answers are marked such a objective manner. So such clear guidance about the exam platform, no practice exam, and most unfortunately exam environment is completely different thant its used in training lab.

Just handed over with a unix box with very unclear instructions about passwords and with out any help scripts. 

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