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vms in lab fail to start

I cant even open a ticket with support because it fails to load the course name in the ticket window and its a mandatory field


I understand it fails from time to time, but this happens to me very often

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

What course? For the first ones like RH124, RH134 you can delete the lab and create it again. These 2 courses don't save any student-created content on the workstation or servers, unless you do it purposely and protect the lab environment from deletion. Later ones like RH294 for Ansible, DO180 for OpenShift administration 1, do save some things on the workstation that would make it from inconvenient to pretty bad to have to delete the lab prior  to being ready to. However, I believe there is a way to export student created content from the workstation machine and then download it for a brief period. I saw a brief discussion of this in the RH294 video lecture but I haven't looked into trying it. 

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