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Resume Building Workshop - Submit your questions!

Calling all Red Hat Academy students - we want to hear from you!

Creating a meaningful resume that highlights your success, your skills, your education and your brand is of the most important aspects of applying to a job. Whether its your first resume or your tenth, compiling and writing an effective resume can be difficult...that's why we want to help. 

We are planning a resume building workshop in December and want to hear all of your questions! Join the discussion forum below to ask us anything pertaining to resumes - from the length and content of a resume, to what Red Hat looks for in a resume - ask us anything! 


Be sure to subscribe to this thread to ensure you are the first to hear about and register for the Resume Building Workshop, hosted by the Red Hat Academy team with a guest speaker from Red Hat's Emerging Talent recruitment team on December 12th! 

If you are a current Red Hat Academy student, go ahead and create your RHA Talent Network profile in preparation for this workshop.

UPDATE - The registration page is now live! Please register for this event here. We look forward to having you join this session!
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Looks great, thanks for sharing @ShirishVPandey 


What a wonderful initiative !! 

The Red Hat Academy Talent Network is a platform where Red Hat Academy students can connect with potential employers. Also Resume is not  just a piece of document - it is a tool to showcase your qualifications , your skills and convince them that you are the best candidate for the job.

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