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I was searching for difference between OKD and OCP but I could not find any helpful comparison chart or blog, we are evaluating prons and cons between them before we plan to deploy in our dev and prod environments.  

So far I know about difference is OKD is community version and OCP is enterprise version.

OKD  is the open source community version of OpenShift Enterprise. In order to understand what this means, you need to understand what open source software is - computer software developed via a competitive collaborative model from many individual sources. Origin updates as often as open source developers contribute via git, a version control system, sometimes as often as several times per week. 

OpenShift  integrates with Red Hat Core Linux and is tested via Red Hat's QA process in order to offer a stable, supportable product for customers who want to have their own private or onsite cloud. Enterprise might update around every six months, maintaining stabilization across minor updates. Providing timely professional support for each query they have from installation/POC to the production. 

We are looking for benefits, features, limitations and requirements between OKD and OCP.

Can anyone advice/share comparisons chart or any helpful information would be appreciated.


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I found this link about the basic differences:

hope it helps you

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